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Category: Tips for comfort


The Vanlife at 1 or 2% of the cost, yes it's possible. The comparative study between the costs of an RV vs a removable camper conversion kit added to the everyday vehicle (minivan or SUV) confirms this. See the detailed analysis in this article.
Find out how we achieve dream road trips for $20 a day. Browse the detailed budget of our month-long trip, 10,000 km from Quebec to Wyoming and South Dakota. To explore mythical parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Teton National Park.

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Roadloft "Bed and Breakfast", the ultimate mobile professional refuge, mobile office-apartment... Our customers tell us about the impact on their social and professional lives resulting from the accessibility of the solution. A simplicity that encourages spontaneity and facilitates mobility. The project brings nature and people closer, culturally enriches, entertains, promotes exchanges.
How to beat inflation, make your Vanlife dream come true now, whatever your age or the thickness of your wallet. And live these moments that enhance your life, make you vibrate and relax. Discover our seven foolproof tips for living Vanlife despite inflation.
Outdoor enthusiasts find our Roadloft SUV camping kit the ultimate tent alternative. Especially on rainy days. Discover our space optimization tips in this article.
We've been blessed with good weather this summer. It makes our road trips even more enjoyable. With the heat waves that follow one another, here are some tips to keep your minivan comfortable.
If we told you that for us, camping season starts on May 1st and ends in December, would you be surprised? The advantage is that we can enjoy the most touristy places in peace, because we are the only ones there!
To get more out of your camper, a mosquito net must be installed. From the homemade solution, to the products available in store or online, you're sure to find the option that best suits your needs.
Whether you are traveling to unserviced campsites or boondocking, our RoadLoft kit is designed to adapt to several situations. Here are our suggestions to travel independently in a minivan equipped with the RoadLoft kit.
With the experiences of last summer under our belts, we present you our recommendations for the most essential accessories to be energy independent.