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Date published: 08/27/21 11:40 AM

Van life : where to sleep? Vanfriendly municipalities

With the vanlife popularity, nomadic campers are multiplying. Faced with the excesses of 2020, some municipalities have closed themselves off to this type of camper, but this is not the case for all. Today we want to share with you some of these vanfriendly municipalities, which offer boondocking spots. Let’s celebrate them, thank them and… View Article

Date published: 08/4/21 10:35 AM

Best camping recipes and cooking tips

Our Best Recipes In this post, we will be showcasing some of our favourite recipes, featuring ideas shared by fellow RoadLofters on the Roadloft van life group. In our minivan, we are able to pack a food supply of about one week. Our pantry allows us to take a lot of dry food with us,… View Article

Date published: 06/8/21 11:47 AM

The #roadloftcare movement to take care of nature

From the start, RoadLoft’s mission has been to bring people into nature, while respecting it. This year, we had the idea to push this intention a little further. This is why, on May 27, we appealed to everyone: to go and clean up their favorite spot in nature, together, at the same time on June… View Article

Date published: 06/4/21 10:15 AM

5 essential accessories to be energy independent

With camping-season approaching, we are itching to get on the road and getaway in our area! With the experiences of last summer under our belts, we present you our recommendations for the most essential accessories to be energy independent. 1. Keep food fresh with the Alpicool c40 Fridge/Freezer For those who want to not have… View Article

Date published: 05/13/21 2:47 PM

Why adopt Vanlife

Vanlife is a phenomenon that has spread like wildfire in recent years. Of course, the possibility of installing a removable conversion kit in your everyday vehicle (mini-van) in a few minutes opens wide the doors of accessibility to the Vanlife! But how to define this increasingly popular movement? In the literal sense, it is the… View Article

Date published: 05/11/21 9:31 AM

Decorative tips to customize your van

A camper is, in a way, a little home that you take with you on a trip. Quickly, we kind of grow attached to our vans, because they allows us to have so many experiences and to travel freely. The mini-van becomes a landmark in instability. At the end of a day of exploring, we… View Article

Date published: 04/2/21 2:32 PM

The advantages of a minivan for road trips

Convinced that traveling in our mini-van is the perfect camping solution nowadays, we want to share this alternative to bigger RVs with as many people as possible. Here are the advantages of a minivan for road trips. You can also try the RoadLoft kit in our Quebec workshop to see it for yourself! 1. Big… View Article

Date published: 03/5/21 1:03 PM

10 essential criteria for a better camper conversion kit

RoadLoft was born of our knowledge of the real needs of the road. This article features 10 essential criteria which guided our conception of a sustainable, non-permanent transformation kit. In 2016, back from a long trip to India and Sri Lanka, we took off to explore the Canadian and American West. We designed our first… View Article

Date published: 11/25/20 3:42 PM

15 Gift ideas for minivan trips

Christmas is just around the corner and the only thing on your mind is to get back to your adventures? Our little helpers have thought of creating a wish list of must-have items for minivan trips, just to make you dream a little. After all, it’s never too early to start preparing for the next… View Article

Date published: 08/12/20 9:03 AM

Comfortable rainy days in your converted minivan

Simplicity and comfort, this is what our mini-van brings us! This is even more true when the weather is bad. In a van, rainy days become a time to slow down and rest, since we have all the comfort needed to do so! Staying dry in spite of the rain! Rain is no longer an… View Article

Date published: 07/24/20 9:39 AM

Tips for ventilating your minivan in hot weather

We’ve been blessed with good weather this summer. It makes our road trips even more enjoyable. With the heat waves that follow one another, here are some tips to keep your minivan comfortable. People often ask us if it’s warm at night in our van. Honestly, using these tips, we sleep VERY comfortably. Most of… View Article

Date published: 07/16/20 2:22 PM

A tour of the Island of Montreal by minivan!

The pandemic has affected everyone’s daily lives and has even deprived us of access to national, regional and provincial parks during the lockdown. From you to me, nature contributes to our physical and mental health immensely! How can I, a Montrealer by adoption, recharge my batteries despite the closure of Quebec’s regional travel destinations and… View Article

Date published: 06/11/20 6:57 PM

The importance of a layout that adapts to ALL needs

During a mountain bike trip in Arizona, we noticed on the way back from a ride that a strap on our bike rack was broken. As a result, we could no longer put one of the two bikes on its rack to get around and we were at least 30 km away from civilization. After… View Article

Date published: 06/11/20 6:55 PM

Small RV: when space planning makes all the difference

People often ask us if we feel trapped in our little camper. The answer is simple: since we’ve optimized its conversion and have both an interior bench and table AND an extra-long double bed, we don’t feel cramped at all. It must be said that when we travel by van, we spend most of our… View Article

Date published: 06/2/20 5:28 PM

Working on Quebec roads with the RoadLoft kit

by Sophie Corriveau I’ve been traveling the roads of Quebec as a photographer and videographer for nearly three years. My goal is to discover and capture the most beautiful landscapes of our country. Spring, summer, fall or winter… the four seasons make me vibrate. In order to make the most of my work stays across… View Article

Date published: 05/22/20 2:20 PM

Get out of your routine every weekend with our fully equipped minivan

With the its daily grind, the week can get exhausting. There’s nothing like a spontaneous getaway to break your routine. From May to October, our mini-van allows us to find an escape in nature, comfortably. Since our van is always ready to go, all we have to do is pack our clothes and some fresh… View Article

Date published: 05/14/20 12:47 PM

How to adapt your RoadLoft to travel independentl

With the warm weather being right around the bend, gradual deconfinement being under way and the opening of the SEPAQ territories, we’ve been preparing to be more self-sufficient in order to be able to make nature getaways happen right now, in our region. While respecting public safety regulations, we will travel completely independently this summer…. View Article

Date published: 01/9/20 3:29 PM

Southwestern USA: Discover the giant cacti of southern Arizona!

If you’re charmed by the idea of spending several days among cacti, these two destinations in southern Arizona are definitely worth including in your itinerary! Boyce Thompson Arboretum or cactus lover’s paradise. One of our favourites of this trip was definitely our visit of the Boyce Thompson Arboretum located in the Sonoran Desert, an outdoor… View Article

Date published: 12/17/19 5:51 PM

Southwestern USA: Mountain biking in Sedona and Arizona’s scenic routes!

Duration: 3 to 5 days minimum. Mountain biking in beautiful Sedona Sedona is definitely a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, whether for hiking, climbing or mountain biking. We had been to Sedona in previous years, but this time around, with our bikes on the roof, we knew we’d spend a lot more time there! With over… View Article

Date published: 11/23/19 8:29 PM

Southwestern US: Grand Canyon and Mythical Arizona Road

Perfect Boondocking Spot in the Grand Canyon As soon as we arrived at the Grand Canyon, we met a fabulous local who shared with us her must-see places in the park. She also shared THE SPOT for us to camp at, for free, directly in the park, completely legally! In fact, the Grand Canyon is… View Article

Date published: 11/12/19 10:47 PM

Southwestern US: 4th time in the Southwestern US

We have to admit, we have a soft spot for this region of the Northern Hemisphere. As a proof, Sam always gets the southwest sauce when he eats at Subway, haha! Desert, Canyon, large open spaces; we love to migrate south in the fall to get some sun! It should be noted that in the… View Article

Date published: 05/21/19 2:43 PM

6 Mosquito net solutions for your van

To get more out of your camper, a mosquito net must be installed. From the homemade solution, to the products available in store or online, you’re sure to find the option that best suits your needs. ”Home” Solutions (DIY) 1. Screen for rear windows This is both economical and more incognito. Personally, this is the… View Article

Date published: 04/9/19 5:28 PM

Nova Scotia: Our 5 favorites from Cape Breton Island

Have you ever found yourself breathless in front of a landscape, because there is so much beauty in one place? Well, that’s exactly the effect Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia had on us last summer. As soon as we arrived on the island, we found the same feeling of wonder we felt 3 years… View Article

Date published: 03/4/19 11:31 AM

6 comfort tips for cold night camping

If we told you that for us, camping season starts on May 1st and ends in December, would you be surprised? Even if we migrate to the United States at the end of fall, we often find temperatures close to 0 Celsius and still, we can easily stay warm. Thanks to our van. It’s the… View Article

Date published: 02/22/19 10:13 AM

Make the road-trip more spontaneous

For us, perfect road-trips are synonymous with freedom. What we prefer is to have a destination goal, without really organizing the trip. Although we have researched the things to see on our route, we prefer not to book anything in advance, so that we have the freedom to take our time. This allows us to… View Article

Date published: 02/5/19 8:07 PM

5 places to take a shower on a road trip

Prendre sa douche sur la route est plus facile que ça en a l’air. Issues de notre expérience, on vous partage 5 catégories d’endroits où vous pourrez définitivement trouver une douche. De quoi simplifier votre voyage!

Date published: 01/22/19 4:43 PM

The passion of traveling freely

Traveling in your van means being able to sleep in your warm bed every night, under a starry sky. It means to take your coffee in the morning admiring a canyon. It means to cook a good meal in front of a turquoise lake. And above all, it means to have the opportunity to move… View Article

Date published: 01/14/19 7:37 PM

Discover boondocking easily with these 4 essential applications

Our converted mini van allowed us to travel 4 times across Canada and United States. It’s a really economical way to travel that’s for sure. In 4 years, I don’t remember having paid for a campground once. Although we have always slept at amazing and allowed places. From Nova Scotia to Yukon and from B.-C…. View Article