Day: February 5, 2019


The Vanlife at 1 or 2% of the cost, yes it's possible. The comparative study between the costs of an RV vs a removable camper conversion kit added to the everyday vehicle (minivan or SUV) confirms this. See the detailed analysis in this article.
Find out how we achieve dream road trips for $20 a day. Browse the detailed budget of our month-long trip, 10,000 km from Quebec to Wyoming and South Dakota. To explore mythical parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Teton National Park.

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Traveling and sleeping in your vehicle does not imply giving up your hygiene. There are public toilets all over the road. And for urgent cases, we use a portable toilet. For the shower, a whole series of options are available to you. Even if you sleep for free in nature or incognito in the city...