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It's after several years backpacking around the world that we discovered vanning. Quickly, we fell in love with this way of traveling; because it offered us so much more comfort and freedom!
With the its daily grind, the week can get exhausting. There's nothing like a spontaneous getaway to break your routine. From May to October, our mini-van allows us to find an escape in nature, comfortably.

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We made several road trips in the southern US in November and December, months when swapping the grey and cold for the sun and the discovery on the road is just perfect! The southern United States is vast and so are its many attractions.
From you to me, nature contributes to our physical and mental health immensely! We often forget it, but Montreal is an island rich in hidden gems of nature where it is possible to disconnect from the stressors of city life.
Sophie has been traveling the roads of Quebec as a photographer and videographer for over three years. In order to make the most of her work stays across Canada, she was missing only one thing: her small mobile cottage.
The Chiricahua National Park, in Arizona, amazed us by it's surprising setting. White Sand National Park lived up to our expectations. Discover our trip!
In this article, head to Arizona to discover the giant cacti at Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Saguaro National Park. If you are charmed by the idea of ​​spending several days among the cacti, these two destinations in southern Arizona are definitely on your itinerary!
Sedona is definitely a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, whether for hiking, climbing or mountain biking. And don't forget to take the scenic route instead!
Discover the 2nd week of our road trip in the American Southwest. We took a legendary road to connect the Grand-Canyon to Sedona, Arizona.
We have to admit, we have a soft spot for this region of the Northern Hemisphere. Desert, Canyon, large open spaces; we love to migrate south in the fall to get some sun!


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