I Tested The SUV Kit

I love to travel and discover what the world has to offer. I really do. 

But I love to travel efficiently and without complicated things. Indeed, coming back from a trip even more tired than I was at the beginning is not for me. So I am always open to trying out new alternatives to travel in a better way, whether it is glamping, hammock-tenting or discovering unusual accommodations. 

Working at RoadLoft, I now have the chance to discover an ingenious product made in Quebec. But I must admit that I was a bit sad. As a 25 year old student, I don’t have a minivan and it’s not really in my plans to get one. Well, a new product is now available to meet my needs and those of several generations! 

Indeed, we now have a camping kit for SUV. It’s a good thing, because the SUV has proven to be the most popular type of vehicle for Canadians, according to a CIRANO study (2021). 

I had the chance to test it during a nice and warm weekend in July, with a Honda CRV. My colleagues and I went to the Tribal Fest in Shawinigan. We stayed there for 2 nights, because we were at the show during the day. 

I am sharing my experience and what I got out of it. 

First of all, here are the advantages offered by the product (beware, there are several of them!)


Quick to install

Like our Minivan Conversion Kit, our new SUV kit can be installed into our customers’ everyday vehicles in minutes. You can assemble it quickly and store it between trips. It took me 10 minutes and it was my first time putting it into the vehicle. This is much less time consuming than setting up a tent (which has to be set up once you get there when you just want to relax after long hours on the road). Moreover, the kit weighs only 28kg! 


The mattress sold by RoadLoft may not look like much, but I guarantee you that I am sincerely thinking of changing my bed for this one… It is of exceptional quality with its combination of high density foam and memory foam. It is a super comfortable bed with a totally acceptable size. With its length of 6 feet and its width of 4 feet, there is more than enough space to turn around as we wish during the night. 

Easy access to the front seats

This allows us to maximize space on the bed and have easy access to our luggages. 

Storage under the bed

During my stay, I was able to store everything I needed under the bed: my sleeping bag, extra blankets, yoga mat, chair and camera. And there was still plenty of space!

I Tested The SUV Kit


The kitchen is well equipped and we do not miss anything. It is possible to cook on a stove, to wash the dishes and to cut our fruits and vegetables. This allowed us to share excellent meals!

I Tested The SUV Kit

Dark for the night

Since the SUV has smaller windows than a minivan, this has the advantage of maximizing sleep time. Sleeping with my head towards the seats, I woke up slowly to daylight.

Good air circulation

I badly need fresh air to sleep (the colder, the better). So I have to admit that I was scared of suffocating during my sleep with the rather warm temperature outside. However, only a small crack of about half an inch in the front windows allowed me to sleep soundly.  


This is not an option available to everyone, but the vehicle I had was equipped with a sunroof. I don’t need to tell you that I had a beautiful view before going to sleep: a beautiful sky full of stars!

Total feeling of freedom

I felt so good driving my little house on wheels. I felt like no matter what happened, I would be safe and have an option to sleep. 

Nothing in life is ever white, so I’m sharing a little downside of the kit.


Smaller space

I Tested The SUV Kit

The only downside that I noticed during my experience is the small space of the vehicle. Obviously, the roof is not high enough to allow us to sit on the bed. It is therefore more difficult to move. You have to twist a bit to change in privacy with the doors closed. On the other hand, I was very comfortable listening to Netflix and did not feel claustrophobic in any way. 

It is to know that the height of the kit is adjustable to fit well in your vehicle and put the refrigerator you need. This allows you to have different possibilities. It should be noted that the vehicle with the most roof space is the Toyota RAV4.

Now, here’s a little tip I would have for you when traveling with the RoadLoft SUV conversion kit: test what works best for you. For example, when entering the vehicle, do you have an electronic trunk release mechanism that allows you to be in the vehicle and push a button to close the trunk or do you have to enter through the passenger door? These are small tests that will allow you to make a routine based on your needs. Also, if you’re the type of person who wants to relax around your vehicle during the day, plan to travel in good weather to avoid having to stay inside all day. This can become redundant. 

In short, this is a great alternative for SUV owners. Your Roadloft removable conversion kit is always ready to use. Everything is designed to make your life easier and provide you with maximum comfort. Say yes to adventure! An impromptu picnic, an aperitif in front of the sunset, a weekend in nature will now be part of your daily routine.

Of course, the comfort remains optimal in the Conversion Kit for Minivan if you have to leave for a long time (you can see the differences in our article). However, my little stay allowed me to relax with all the comfort I needed. 

My next getaway? A trip to Maine in the fall to catch some waves. I’ll tell you more when I get back! 

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