15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

Christmas is just around the corner and the only thing on your mind is to get back to your adventures? Our little helpers have thought of creating a wish list of must-have items for minivan trips, just to make you dream a little. After all, it’s never too early to start preparing for the next season.

Whether it’s to spoil a loved one or a gift from you to yourself, here are a few ideas that will make your escapades easier and more enjoyable, no matter how long they last.

For more autonomy on the road

Alpicool C40 refrigerator/freezer

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

It is certainly the first step towards autonomy on the road. The Alpicool C40 refrigerator is the perfect solution to keep your food fresh without worries! It can be used as a refrigerator or as a freezer. Operating at as low as -20°C, you can even bring your ice cream yule log with you on the road!

Roadloft Foldable Portable Solar Panel 125W (New Product)

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

The unlimited power of the sun will allow you to charge your power station (paid link) *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. To be completely self-sufficient during a van trip! We are happy to unveil this panel, more powerful than our previous 110W model, at the same price!

Lithium Power Station EF ECOFLOW

Reliable, durable, powerful and portable, this power station (paid link) *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It will become the must-have accessory for all of your next minivan trips. It will allow you to power your refrigerator and recharge all your electronic devices! So efficient, Santa Claus even replaced his reindeers 😉

For more comfort

Give away a comforting gift … What a great idea!

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

Heatshield Insulation Curtains

Heatshield insulation curtains are as much about keeping heat out of the vehicle on hot summer days as they are about insulating the windows and keeping the interior warm on cold nights. According to the manufacturer, they provide an average temperature difference of 11°C between the exterior and interior of the vehicle. What better gift gift than the gift of comfort and ideal room temperature?

Roadloft T-shirt made in Quebec

Who doesn’t like to get clothes at Christmas? In addition to their beautiful holiday color scheme (green or white), they feature our wonderful logo and our favorite quote: Follow your dreams, they know the way…

They are made and printed in Quebec and made of organic cotton and recycled polyester. They are also so VERY soft and silk-screened so that the logo will stay beautiful for a long time! You will be well dressed for your van trips! It’s the perfect local gift!

USB Rechargeable Fan

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

As the saying goes … a cool RoadLofter is a happy RoadLofter! The Mafiti fan (paid link) *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. It will also satisfy whoever unboxes this gift. Environmentally-friendly, this small 3-speed fan is charged with a USB cable. On a full charge, it can run for up to 24 hours. You won’t be able to go without it!

Silicone hot water bottle

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

This little red accessory (to continue with the Christmas theme), will make a HUGE difference in comfort on cooler nights. It’s a trick that we discovered while traveling in a van. Just before going to bed, we fill it with boiling water and place it under our blankets, at our feet. In addition to being very comforting, it retains warmth until morning. You can find one in the color of your choice in a store near you or online right here (paid link) *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

The UCO candle lantern

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

There are two models: with one or three candles. Not only will this lantern help to combat humidity in the vehicle without having to leave the car, but in addition the three candle light gives off a good heat that allows you to sleep well even at temperatures approaching 0 ° C. You can find it in all outdoor stores near you, such as at Sail.

Kitchen accessories

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

Here are some ideas for kitchen accessories that we can no longer do without.

Martin 2-burner propane stove

This is the stove (paid link) *As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Recommended for the Roadloft set.

We also recommend the use of a flexible hose to avoid handling the propane tank during use.

Piston coffee maker 30 oz Java

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

This great gift idea will allow you to prepare just shy of a liter of delicious coffee. The piston is equipped with a silicone ring to remove coffee residue or tiny pieces of tea leaves. This product is available at MEC.

GSI Bugaboo Camper Set

In addition to being easily wrapped up for Christmas, this bowl is all the rage among nature lovers. Take your cooking skills to another level: make sauces, soups and many other delicious dishes. We love its compact design! You can purchase this product at MEC as well.

Omnia van oven

This little oven will take your camping cooking to a whole new level! Anything you can cook in a regular oven, you can also cook in the Omnia oven. Nachos, quiche, cake, muffin, lasagna, whatever you want to satisfy the foodie in you! You can get it everywhere, including on the go-van site.

Cookbook : Cuisine Camping Plein Air

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

It’s a myth that you have to limit yourself to dry foods or canned goods while camping. In addition to being a great read during rainy weather, this book will give you the inspiration you need to cook meals worthy of holiday dinner parties. You can find this book at Renaud-Bray.

Accessories to add atmosphere to your van

NOMA Outdoor Solar Mini-Lights

15 Gift Ideas For Minivan Trips

These cheerful little lights will add a festive atmosphere to your van all year round! We love their small integrated solar panel, which makes them a great green choice! You’ll find them at Canadian Tire.

Inflatable lantern Lux de Luci

This solar lamp will provide warm, ambient lighting for up to 18 hours on a single charge! On sale at SAIL or on Amazon, this lantern will add a zen touch to your van or to the van of the person to whom you will offer this nice gift.

Travel size board games

Whether big or small, everyone likes to receive board games and especially to play them. The RoadLoft kit offers enough storage space to bring a few. On a rainy day, you’ll appreciate having them to play comfortably in your minivan and stay dry. You can find some for all tastes at Renaud-Bray.

We hope you’ve been inspired to continue shopping for your Christmas gifts and prepare for the arrival of the next camping season.

However, we would like to remind you that no gift is as precious as quality time with your family. It is true that holiday celebrations will be different this year, but the entire team takes this opportunity to wish you a joyful holiday season filled with sweetness, love and health.

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