Why Buy a Minivan Conversion Kit Now?

Van life is more accessible than you might think. Here are 10 reasons to buy a minivan conversion kit now. Stop dreaming, start living!

1. Ride in an RV for less than $ 5,000 (yes!)

Most people don’t live the road trip of their dream or put it off over and over again because an RV, whether it’s a class A, B or C is expensive. This is one of the reasons why we have been sharing our solution since 2018. A solution that could not be more affordable. Because for less than $ 5,000, our customers can travel freely with their everyday vehicle converted into a camper, in 5 minutes, with a brand new mini-van conversion kit!

RoadLoft conversion kit

2. Two to five times less fuel consumption

Your mini-van will run for thousands of miles with 2 to 5 times less fuel consumption, without the other costs involved in buying and maintaining an RV. Yes, our removable mini-van conversion kit solution is really economical compared to buying or even renting an RV.

3. A dual purpose vehicle

The RoadLoft conversion kit being a non-permanent modification (a removable addition without any modification to your vehicle), you remove it at will to find your mini-van completely in its original use.

bannière roadloft

4. Make an eco-responsable gesture

In addition to saving money, you will be doing an eco-responsible gesture, having only one vehicle to maintain and support financially. You can even get a hybrid mini-van. Whether it’s a used or new mini-van, there is a solution that fits your budget to allow you to acquire a practical everyday vehicle with a dual purpose.

With a mini-van equiped with a conversion kit, since your camper is also your everyday vehicle, you will not have to pay the higher purchase fees, which can often amount to more than $100 000, neither additional insurance and license fees, nor the maintenance or storage costs of an RV.

Why Buy a Minivan Conversion Kit Now?

6. More camping options

Since a minivan is much more discreet than an RV, once equipped with the RoadLoft conversion kit, you will be able to stay for free in boondocking mode or on the tent campsites which are both more intimate and more economic than the RV campsites.

Boondocking thanks to minivan

7. Spoil you more

You can save on your travel costs and treat yourself to more treats! The flexibility of this formula will allow you more freedom, improvisation and to live more “in the present moment”.

8. More time to enjoy

With the RoadLoft Minivan Conversion Kit, everything is always in its place and you don’t have to set up anything when you get to a site, or to pack in the morning. And on the road, there is no need for long manipulations to cook or sleep, everything is arranged and ready to be used! This will give you more time to enjoy the many adventures within your reach!

Cooking at the back of the conversion kit

9. So much more economical than location

Owning a conversion kit of your own, which you can use for several years, is equivalent to about two weeks of renting a campervan, not to mention the cost of renting an RV. Thanks to its strength and durability, you can transfer it when changing your vehicle, if not resell it at an advantageous price, our used kits retaining a very high market value!

10. Possible now without the usual waiting times

Do you also think of living the Vanlife, of escaping near your home every weekend, of taking the road trip of your dreams in Canada or the United States?

Why Buy a Minivan Conversion Kit Now?

It’s now possible! And available now, as we have exceptionally, at the moment, a few mini-van conversion kits in stock for immediate delivery! Take this opportunity not to delay your project and avoid any wait. Live your dream now!

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