Nova Scotia: Our 5 Favorites from Cape Breton Island

RoadLoft- Boondocking sur les plages du Cape-Breton

Have you ever found yourself breathless in front of a landscape, because there is so much beauty in one place? Well, that’s exactly the effect Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia had on us last summer.

As soon as we arrived on the island, we found the same feeling of wonder we felt 3 years ago facing the Rockies of Western Canada or in front of the Grand Canyon (discover our experience here). And then this feeling did not leave us throughout our discovery.

Van Life paradise

Contemplate the landscape in comfort in our RoadLoft

Between sea and mountains, we traveled the famous route of Cape Breton. We slept boondocking on deserted beaches and cooked along the cliffs. Without forgetting the hikes in the breathtaking scenery and the meeting with warm people.

RoadLoft at Cape-Breton

This destination is definitely to put on your Bucket List.

Although the famous Cabot Trail can be driven in just one day, take the time to visit each location. Allow several days to do it, as there is definitely a lot to see.

Take the time to appreciate the beauty of this place and soak up the ambiance.

Reading on the beach

5 favorite places not to be missed

1. Petit Etang

Boondocking on deserted beaches of Cape-Breton

2. Skyline (hiking)

Hiking the Skyline

3. Pleasant Bay

Boondocking at Pleasant Bay in complete comfort with our RoadLoft

4. Meat cove

Meat Cove

5. White Point (hiking)

Hiking at White Point

One thing is certain, it is a destination that we will not forget. We made lots of discoveries that left us speechless! Cape Breton Island must be on your itinerary this summer!

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