Find a paid or free campsite with these 4 applications

Article updated on December 1, 2023

On board our minivan which becomes a camper with our Roadloft removable conversion kit, we have traveled across Canada and the United States on multiple Road Trips in recent years.

Each time, we come back truly refreshed from this prolonged immersion in nature to explore the riches of the great national parks and other natural attractions of the north of the continent. And always delighted to see that these trips cost us so little. If I told you as little as $20 a day, would you believe me? See for yourself in this article, you will see.

Also delighted to share this accessible way of traveling for everyone, regardless of the thickness of the wallet. And unlike those for whom a road trip lasting several weeks is only very rarely possible given the costs, for our part, as soon as we return, we find ourselves dreaming of the next departure.

From Nova Scotia to Yukon, Colorado, California, Utah, Arizona, Texas, New Orleans, Florida, etc., we have slept in the most beautiful natural sites, completely free and legally.

You will discover for yourself many new places to spend the night for free. Sure values in this regard are sometimes unknown. Unknown to most travelers, public lands and dispersed campgrounds (USA) nevertheless offer free and magnificent places where it is possible to spend the night (up to 14 consecutive days in BLM (public lands) in USA.

Boondocking near Grand Canyon

Boondocking in the Kaibab Forest near the Grand Canyon!

A large number of places to sleep for free in North America are listed in applications that can be downloaded for free for the most part. You will appreciate these resources which refer to places to practice boondocking (camping for free for the night), especially when you are in more regulated areas, such as in Quebec or on the California coast.
With these applications, you will easily plan your trip and, once on the road, quickly find the next place to spend the night.


Boondocking application Ioverlander

No matter where you are, in Canada and the USA, this application allows you to browse the interactive map and get an overview of possible campsites. You can find paid campsites nearby, but also free places. You will also find traveler reviews there. A great source of sharing between travelers. We love!


Boondocking application Park4night

In the same genre as Ioverlander, Park4night allows us to discover boondocking options, camping and services nearby or to browse the interactive map. Combined with the Ioverlander app, you will have no difficulty finding a place to spend the night!


Boondocking application free campsites

A website that also allows you to find a free place to sleep. Perhaps less intuitive, but several interesting places are offered, especially in the USA.


Find a paid or free campsite with these 4 applications

With Google Map and Street View, you can easily identify public lands and find other perfect little quiet spots to spend the night.

For those who believe that there are only Walmart parking lots for free camping, check out these tools. You will discover breathtaking places!


Browse our blog to discover other information related to Road Trips and Vanlife. Boondocking on Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.
Obviously, discretion and leaving the place cleaner than you found it (leave no trace) is essential to the perpetuity of Vanlife.

Enjoy the road

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