Foldable Solar Panel 110W

(CAD) $ 300.00 CAD

The new 110 W foldable solar panel is here to help you enjoy the unlimited power of the sun.

Thanks to its power, it will allow you to charge your power station faster than our old 60W model and thus allow you to be more autonomous!

Its practical format will allow you to leave it on the windshield console during your expeditions for more security. You will be able to move it directly in front of the sun’s rays for better performance when you return to your camp. It also stores very compactly for a 110W panel!



  • Manufactured from grade A mono solar cells with a high efficiency of 21.70%.
  • 12V panels.
  • Open format: 134 cm X 58 cm X 0,4 cm
  • Folded format: 30 cm X 36 cm X 8 cm
  • 1 cable included



Input power (solar cell): 110 W.
Maximum supply voltage: 20,53V .

Maximum power current: 5.36 A.

Open circuit voltage: 24,21V
Open short circuit current: 5,79 A
Weight: 4,2 kg
Operating temperature: -40℃ to 85℃

Maximum system voltage: 100V

Certification: CE and ROHS

Cable: 3.1m , 14AWG +MC4 + DC5525, Max 10A

Eyelet on the corners for an easier fastening!


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