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Make an Informed Choice : The Important Minivan Characteristics For Its Conversion

Thinking of getting a RoadLoft conversion kit and you don’t have your vehicle yet? In order to maximize the potential of your purchase, certain minivan characteristics should be known before choosing your mini-van model. This article introduces them to you. You can also read that of our client, Sophie Corriveau, who testifies to her experience!

Our customers appreciate the maximum use of the potential of their vehicle, its dual purpose from the moment they get their removable conversion kit. The easy instant vehicle transformation from “practical on weekdays to magical on weekends”!

Here are, in our experience, the main minivan characteristics to take into account among the wide range of different manufacturers. Those that have a major impact on the layout of his mini-van with a removable RoadLoft conversion kit.

Most important minivan caracteristics

Stow and Go

minivan characateristic : stow n go

The Stow ‘n Go configuration exclusive to Chrysler and Dodge offers advantages that make all the difference for many customers by allowing four seats to be kept at all times and benefiting from large storage spaces under the floor.

The Chrysler / Dodge Grand Caravan and Pacifica are often preferred by our customers who permanently remove the third row of seats while retaining the second. For those traveling in pairs, this second row of seats will be folded into the floor most of the time. And if necessary, hop, we move the Roadloft module back and in a jiffy the two rear seats to travel four. You can also remove the benches from the second row and benefit from the additional storage of the two large spaces under the floor (provided for folding the third row of seats). Storage prized by athletes or other customers who appreciate additional storage space during long road trips.

It is therefore one of the main minivan characteristics to take into account from the very beginning of your research!

Interior Color

minivan characateristic : interior color

We prefer a vehicle with pale interior colors. This will give the effect of openness, spaciousness, compared to an all-black interior.

Beware of sunroofs!

minivan without sunroof

Seemingly attractive, one must take into account that the sunroof lowers the threshold of the interior space. The ceiling of mini-vans with a sunroof is often 2 to 3 inches lower. Perfect for looking at the starry sky, but you will have to take into account its constraints for all other times.

Hybrid powertrain and fuel consumption

minivan characateristic : fuel consumption

Do you want to opt for the least polluting, the most economical, the most efficient mini-van? Motorization is an important minivan characteristic to consider. Not all manufacturers are at the same level. You have to compare and the offer changes quickly. There are now two models of hybrid mini-vans which are interesting options.

Vehicle profile

Smaller windows, height of the interior of the passenger compartment, ceiling, floor … The market offers a variety of vehicle profiles. The design of minivans is influenced by aesthetic or engineering considerations. That’s why we have to take a close look at it so that the choice meets our needs.

Opening window in 2nd row

This is a useful option to allow maximum ventilation of the vehicle. On the other hand, in our case, we rarely sleep with these windows open, as the ones in the back are sufficient and more private.

Back power window

This option is convenient for us. It allows you to put a mosquito net inside and not have to remove it to close or open the window. However, the electric option requires switching on the ignition on the accessories to open or close the windows. So it’s a matter of choice and preferences …

It should be noted that installing mosquito nets in the back requires a bit of DIY and the installation of Velcro. You can therefore opt to (more easily) place mosquito nets on other windows and sleep with them open at night. Discover the different options in our article on this subject.

Roadloft at the beach

Good luck with your research and contact us for any questions!

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