New alternative for the SUV owner

Our SUV conversion kit is a new tent alternative for the sport utility vehicle (SUV) owner on short weekend getaways. It incorporates certain strengths of the RoadLoft design and its manufacturing methods combining ingenuity, lightness and durability.

Integrated kitchen and bed

Comprised of the more restricted dimensions of the cabin (width, height and raised sill), our camping kit for SUVs allows you to take advantage of an integrated kitchen and sleep in your everyday vehicle rather than in a tent.

Without reproducing the spaciousness of the minivan and the ergonomics of our conversion kit for minivan (which remains our optimal solution), we do, however, take up some of the strong points of the RoadLoft design and its manufacturing methods.

Go more often for short getaways

Installation in minutes without any modifications to the vehicle

Just like our minivan conversion kit, this new SUV product integrates into our customers’ everyday vehicles in minutes without any modifications to the vehicle. It can be assembled and stored quickly between each outing.

Removable conversion

Our RoadLoft package for SUVs is independent of the vehicle and does not require any permanent modifications to it. You can therefore use it with your vehicle (purchased or rented) without any fear. And when you change vehicles, you will keep your conversion module!

Compatibility and Features

Compatible with most SUV models

The new RoadLoft SUV kit is compatible with the majority of sport utility vehicle models in the North American market. To date, we have tested it on board the Toyota RAV4, Honda CRV, Subaru Outback et Kia Sorento, Mazda CX-5, Nissan Pathfinder, Ford Escape and Hyundai Tucson. It is compatible with many others, and on this subject, we provide prescriptions allowing the SUV owner to validate its compatibility (see product sheet).

Long bed, configurable single or double

The new RoadLoft removable conversion kit for SUVs delivered to the customer, makes the most of the smaller space of the SUV by offering a configurable long bed to the customer’s choice, in single or double mode (72 in x 48 in) according to his needs of the moment. You can also, after a few manipulations, quickly raise the rear seat to use the functions of your vehicle.

Adjustable height

Choose the height of your camping kit thanks to its adjustable legs. Depending on your SUV model, you can opt for more storage space under the bed and/or more clearance on the bed.

Panoramic view and kitchen under the tailgate

It retains the typical unobstructed view so appreciated by RoadLoft customers. It offers a kitchen layout under the tailgate with space dedicated to the fridge, a two-round propane burner drawer, a cutting board and a retractable sink. All under the tailgate, for cooking no matter the weather.

Everything has its place

The RoadLoft SUV kit allows you to place your equipment in fully dedicated spaces. Fridge, burner, kitchen accessories and sinks have their own respective storage. In order to always keep the space on the bed clear.


Made of wood for marine use, 30% lighter than cherry plywood, in order to facilitate its handling and not affect gas consumption! Your kit weighs only 28 kg!

Ventilated panels and storage

The entire top of the structure takes up the design of the ventilated panels to evacuate humidity from the storage spaces and under the mattress. Being removable, these panels provide access to the underlying storage space under the entire surface of the conversion kit.

Multi-layer treatment without toxic fumes

All of the wood components in our new SUV kit go through the sanding and varnishing chamber up to six times. And always with our high-end ecological varnish without toxic fumes.


Your kit, entirely made of FSC and PEFC certified wood, is protected by an ecological varnish without toxic fumes. Your conversion set breathes! Its design allows the ventilation of the wood and the mattress, to offer you a healthy interior!

Durability, long term value

Ventilation and protection of the wood help maintain the value of our equipment over the long term.

Compact storage

Your RoadLoft conversion module is very small when not in use. It stores anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces.

Kitchen fallback when riding

Our kit for SUVs allows the seats to be folded down after dismantling the bed structure and placing it on the kitchen and under the sectional mattress.

New extra-comfortable mattress

As an option, a new extra-comfort mattress (3.5 in.) developed over the last few months under the direction of a kinesiologist, tested by control groups, will be ideal for covering the seat of the bed. Composed of a combination of washable high-density polyurethane foam (2.5 in) and washable polyurethane memory foam (1 in) for superior comfort. Better combination of space and comfort, thicker, just enough to maintain clearance.

Dimensions and weight

Installed in vehicle:

The length is 72″, the width at the doors is 48″ and 40″ at the rear trunk, the height is adjustable and therefore varies between 9″ 3/4 and 15″ 3/4 depending on the vehicle and your needs (with or without refrigerator).

Stored at home: 47″ L x 26″ w x 20.5″ h

Weight: 28 kg

Maximum Recommended Working Weight

100 Kg/ person