Innovative design

A conversion designed by experienced travelers to meet the real needs of the road. A comfortable and ergonomic kit designed with the help of our expert industrial designers.

Get out of routine and travel more often

Quick install

A spontaneous desire to go on a getaway? It’s possible! In 5 minutes, your everyday vehicle is transformed into a camper with your Roadloft instant conversion kit.

Removable conversion

Your Roadloft conversion kit is vehicle independent and does not require permanent modification. So you can use it with your rental car without worries. And when you change vehicles, you keep your conversion kit.

One kit, several layouts

Extra-comfort bed

An extra-long bed, a sectional mattress made of high-quality, high-density foam for optimal support and comfort. And most importantly, the luxury of sleeping dry no matter the weather!

Bench and table

Turn the bed into a bench and table space to work, eat or play in comfort. Be up to 4 people sitting at the table!

Well thought kitchen

  • A drawer for a two burner stove with adjustable and removable shelf for more access to storage.
  • Space for a big cooler.
  • A countertop drawer with retractable sink and integrated cutting board.
  • Space under the two drawers for storing food and water tank
  • All under the tailgate for cooking under rain or sun.

Group travel

Your Roadloft conversion kit allows you to keep four seats while traveling.

Space optimization

Maximized storage!

Two drawers for your clothes, a bookcase, a large central storage and two kitchen drawers. No concessions for your luggage!

Optimized access

The storage of the Roadloft system is designed to be easily accessible. With its removable surface hatches, you always have two ways to access your things.

Compact storage

Your Roadloft conversion kit gets very small when not in use. The sections fit into each other, for easy storage.



A solid design, a kit entirely made of sustainably planted wood and a premium high density foam mattress.


Entirely made of poplar, selected for its lightness, to facilitate handling and limit gasoline consumption!


Your kit entirely made of FSC and PEFC certified wood is protected by an ecological varnish. Your kit is breathing! Because its design allows wood and mattress aeration, in order to offer you a healthy interior!

Comes ready to use

Your kit is delivered to your home, already assembled and ready to make you live memorable adventures!