More freedom

Your RoadLoft is always ready to use.
Everything is designed to simplify your life and provide you with maximum comfort.
Spontaneous getaways, improvised picnics and outings in nature will become part of your everyday life.

RoadLoft, a solid design, made to last

Expertise first

More than 3 years of research and development have led us to design a solid conversion kit adapted to tricky road conditions.

Quality materials

Each of our materials is selected for its resistance to humidity, its solidity and its environmental impact.

Well-protected wood

Our wood is marine-grade, the highest level of durability. It is protected by an eco-friendly, durable and non-toxic varnish.


Since your vehicle will be exposed to moisture and heat, it is important to adequately protect it from possible mould and mildew while providing you with a healthy environment to live in.


We have therefore selected a varnish that contains no volatile organic compounds.

Adapted to road conditions

With the help of our designers, we have designed a solid product, made to withstand the vibrations of the road, by minimizing hardware, which is susceptible to breakage over time, and by using the most reliable manufacturing techniques.

High quality mattresses

Selected by a kinesiologist, our mattress is 3,5″ thick is made of a high-density (30 kg/m³) foam (2,5″) and a memory foam (1″) that will hold its shape for a long time and offer you all the comfort you need.

This mattress is covered with a waterproof and washable cover that protects the foam from outside humidity.

Comfort and space optimization


Everything has been thought-out to limit manipulation as much as possible.

No time wasted in installing and maintaining your equipment, everything is always ready to use, giving you more time to enjoy it!


Each kit is designed to perfectly fit the curves and dimensions of your vehicle andto provide you with an ergonomic and comfortable environment.

You’ll sleep soundly, sheltered from the elements!

Maximized storage

You’ll have access to storage at all times, and be able to rely on additional storage in the trunk if you decide to remove your third bench seat. So, you’ll have plenty of room for food, water and gear.

Unobstructed view

When you are seated at the table, you can comfortably enjoy an unobstructed view of the scenery through the trunk.

A conversion kit that adapts to your needs

Removable sections

Whether it’s to free up space to carry equipment or accommodate passengers in the back, your RoadLoft will always adapt to the situation.

Various arrangements are possible

You will be able to enjoy an extra-long bed at night and a table and bench during the day. You’ll be able to quickly access the storage spaces and switch from vehicle mode to camper mode in no time at all!

Compact storage

Your kit is made in sections that fit into each other. You will only have 2 boxes to store when not in use.

Optimised space for each vehicle model

For each vehicle model there is a tailor-made kit, adapted to its curves and interior dimensions, in order to prioritise comfort and ergonomics.

Eco-responsible design

Made in Canada

We manufacture RoadLoft in our woodworking shop located in Quebec City.

Environmentally-friendly materials

Our wood comes from sustainable forest management and is FSC, PEFC and Carbphase2 certified.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Because we are against programmed obsolescence, we offer you a solid product made to last over time. Your gently-used kit will therefore have a high resale value, although you will have no reason to let it go!

Saving money when travelling by minivan

Avoid RV-related fees

Your RoadLoft kit is a non-permanent modification, so you can save on RV costs. You won’t have to pay the higher costs of purchasing, insuring, registering, maintaining or storing an RV!

Reduced fuel consumption

Your RoadLoft will consume 2 to 5 times less fuel than a recreational vehicle since a minivan consumes on average 8L/100 km on the highway and a SUV consumes as little as 6L/100 km.

The kit is ultra-light, which will not affect your fuel consumption.

More camping options

Your RoadLoft will allow you to stay for free in boondocking mode or on small tents grounds which are much more intimate and economical. You will therefore be able to save on your travel expenses.

Only one vehicle

In addition to being eco-responsible, you will have only one vehicle to maintain instead of two.