EF ECOFLOW-288 Lithium Power Station

Here is the EF ECOFLOW 288 Wh lithium power station. We have tried it and we recommend it. Although we advocate local purchase, we cannot offer Amazon a competitive price for this product, so you will be redirected to this site at the end of its description below.


  • A reliable, durable, powerful and ultra-portable battery for your next road-trips.


  • 3 AC outlets and 288 Wh solar generator capacity: the River portable power station can power up to 10 devices simultaneously. With 3 pure sine wave AC outlets, the River can power devices up to 1800W with X-Boost mode. With a capacity of 288 Wh, the River provides enough juice to run essential devices for hours, depending on the actual output.


  • 0% to 80% charging in less than 1 hour. With EcoFlow’s patented X-Stream technology, the Smart Inverter enables fast charging that takes less than 1 hour to charge from 0% to 80%, and is fully charged in 1.6 hours. You can switch to a quieter state of charge by activating the Quiet Charge status on the app.


  • Compatible with 80% of Appliances: X-Boost’s advanced built-in algorithm enables most heavy-duty appliances and kitchen tools (up to 1800W). With X-Boost, River can power 80% of essential appliances and devices, especially those up to 1200W for a better experience. Discharge rates and X-Boost mode can be monitored and controlled via the EcoFlow app.


  • Adapts to your needs, now and later: doubles capacity from 288 Wh to 576 Wh with additional battery, the River’s modular design is power that grows with your needs. Designed for mobility, the sturdy yet lightweight 5 kg River is slightly larger than a toaster, which is perfect for taking on the go. You can easily double the River’s capacity from 288 Wh to 576 Wh by integrating it with an additional battery.


  • 【24-month product warranty 】 EcoFlow offers friendly customer service 24 hours a day. Box content: 1 River 288 Wh portable power station, 3 types of charging cable (1 x 1.5m AC charging cable, 1 x 1.5m car charging cable, 1 x MC4 to XT60 solar charging cable), 1 user guide (French not guaranteed).


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