Conversion kit for Dodge Grand Caravan

(CAD) $ 4,490.00 CAD

Vehicle Compatibility 

Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country

2008 à 2020

The RoadLoft package includes :

  • Removable ROADLOFT conversion module with all its functionalities
  • The custom-made sectional high-density foam mattress
  • The 5 back curtains
  • The retractable sink and integrated cutting board

Storage dimensions and capacity

  • Front :
    • 2 drawers of 42L each
    •  1 library 9L
  • Central: 170L
  • Back :
    • 1 32L countertop drawer with integrated cutting board and fold-out sink
    • 1 drawer for stove 2 burners 32L (with adjustable and pivoting shelf. Total size of drawer: 23,25″ X 12,9″ X 6,5″) *Warmer not included
    • Space 24″ L x 17″ l x 18.5″ h for 40L cooler *if rear seat removed (otherwise 24″L x 17″l x 8.5″h)
    • Storage space under sink and burner drawers *if rear seat removed


Quick (less than 5 minutes) and easy installation (requires only a flat screwdriver).



  • Set delivered to your home already assembled and ready to use (fees apply).


  • Picked at the production centre in Quebec City.


Delivery/pick-up from spring onwards according to order priority (first ordered, first delivered principle).



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