How to Properly Store Your Battery During Winter

remiser batterie

With winter approaching, many are putting away their RoadLoft conversion kit while waiting for spring to return. With its storage comes also the storage of the lithium power station. In this short article, we will walk you through how to properly store your battery this winter to ensure it’s operating at peak performance next spring.

Before moving on to the maintenance tips, we would like to remind you that it doesn’t matter whether you choose to keep your conversion kit in your vehicle or store it, the important thing is that it’s always in a dry place.

Connect your station to a power source

Keep your station connected to a power source (solar panel or wall outlet) during storage to extend battery life and ensure it’s charged and ready for use at all times. The power station will act like a smart charger.

Alternative if you can’t keep your station connected

Can’t keep your station connected to a power source while in storage? Fully charge and discharge it at least once every 3 months to maintain battery health.

Dry place!

Humidity is not only the enemy of wood, but also of electronics. Like the RoadLoft Conversion Kit, the Power Station should be stored in a dry place.

store your battery

These tips to properly store your battery apply regardless of the model of your power station whether it’s Ecoflow, Jackery, Aimtom or other. If you follow them well, you will be able to use your power station for a long time.


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