Convinced that traveling in one’s own mini-van is the ideal way to experience camping in this day and age, we want to share this alternative to bigger RVs with as many people as possible.

After traveling for over 3 years aboard our converted minivan across Canada and the US, we caught ourselves dreaming up our dream camper conversion, one that would meet our various needs and make our road-trips even more perfect! The dream became reality in collaboration with an industrial designer who was able to give shape to our vision.

That’s when RoadLoft was born. A removable conversion kit that turns the daily driver into a multifunctional camper, in the blink of an eye. Spontaneous escapades and road-trips are now possible with this economical camping solution.

Barely a few years later, RoadLoft is:

• a manufacturing plant that combines wood protection and high-end manufacturing techniques to offer a sustainable product;

• more than 850 kits on the road;

• a community of customers who share our values.


We offer a travel alternative to allow people to go on spontaneous getaways more often, break their routines and experience new things in the same vehicle they use for their daily lives

We want to promote contact with nature, spontaneity, freedom and independent travel. In short, we want to make VanLife accessible!



Because we like to travel freely and be in the moment, we provide a camper solution that offers more choices of camping sites and allows you to go on spontaneous trips more often.


Because we are nature lovers, we choose healthy and eco-friendly materials, made to last and travel with you, through your adventures, for a long time.


Because traveling is much more enjoyable when you can sleep in a bed every night and cook a good meal in front of a beautiful landscape!