Our Road Trip in the US!

With the proximity of the US borders, travel enthusiasts can not only dream of their next destination, they can live it! We have lasting memories in the US. We made several road trips in the southern US in November and December, months when swapping the grey and cold for the sun and the discovery on the road is just perfect!

The southern United States is vast and so are its many attractions. Lovers of the beach, of contemplation or of treks in majestic panoramas, nature lovers? Whatever your field of interest, you can finally hit the road to the US, your road trip destination!

Contemplation of majestic panoramas

Perfect places for vanlife lovers

In this article, we suggest some places with diverse horizons where Vanlife enthusiasts can spend several weeks or months; finally relive the adventure of discovery and relaxation with a road trip in the US. Of course, here we will consider places where it will be easy to adopt preventive behaviours in relation to the risks of contagion that haven’t yet been eliminated.

Minivan = our ultimate safe bubble

From this point of view, a trip in a minivan represents safety; the minivan being our ultimate safe “bubble”. It is also a relaxing form of transportation both on winding roads and highways, because the ride is as smooth as in a car and not bulky and dangling as is the case with a large RV. In short, the escape will be there and not the stress.

Road trip in us : our safe bubble

Affordable dream

In national parks, camping will be more than affordable with unlimited access for an annual subscription at the low cost of $80 with the “National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass”! This subscription also gives free access to camping in several BLMs (otherwise the daily cost varies between $10 and $25 per night). Boondocking sites (free) will also be spotted with applications like iOverlander, see our article on this subject. State or private paid campsites are also available.

Here, we will limit the destinations to the south where the months of November and December are among the milder regions for a road trip in the United States.

Sun and beaches in Florida

Three circuits in Florida hold our attention for your road trip in the US:

The Keys

From Key Largo to Key West, this long arm of the sea is magnificent..

The west coast from Clearwater to Naples

It’s more European-style Florida.

Pensacola Beach and Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park

Samuel and I have memories of dolphins swimming along the coast on our trip up that long stretch of sea in Northwest Florida, where we went after visiting New Orleans, Louisiana. And the manatees especially charmed us at Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. However, the further into the winter, the less hot it will be, compared to the southern part of the state.


During your road trip in the US, consider stopping off in Louisiana. Louisiana’s bayous offer a mild climate and New Orleans is known for its festive character. Some photos of our stay in 2019.


A land both desert and dotted with mountains, Arizona is the refuge of those seeking a dry climate. With its breathtaking landscapes and mountainous circuits, it is also a van life paradise.
The Grand Canyon, the Cascades of the Havasupai reserve, the show of starry nights, the grandiose views of Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park and its desert landscapes are all extraordinary places where life will be good: walking, strolling in bikes, sightseeing, camping for days or weeks.

As for us, Arizona is a favorite among all that the American West has to offer travelers. However, the further into the winter, the more the southern part of the state will be favored, as more northerly and higher up areas like the Grand Canyon will be more comfortable a few months later. On the other hand, even in the south, the nights will be cool there.

Road trip in the US : Grand Canyon

Whether you plan your road trip in the US for a few weeks or months, the southern United States is a vast territory to discover, where a sense of sweet freedom and vastness will add to the accessibility of your stay with your minivan equipped with the RoadLoft kit.

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