Frequently Asked Questions

Is shipping available to the USA?

We are pleased to inform you that we are now ready to take orders from the United States. Since the borders are open, you can arrange for free pickup at our warehouse or choose to have your order delivered to your home.

What is the production lead time?

The time frame varies depending on demand and your position in our order book as well as our inventory quantity. Since we operate on a priority order basis, the sooner you make your reservation, the sooner you can receive your instant conversion kit. The best way to know the actual delay is to contact us, since it can vary from day to day. Here is a rough idea:


Pick up at our Quebec City workshop: Many models in stock now available.


Delivery in Canada: Many models in stock are currently available for delivery within 7 business days.


Delivery in the United States: Many models in stock are currently available for delivery within 10 business days.

Where is your manufacturing facility located?

We are located in Quebec City, 10 minutes from downtown, in the industrial district of Charlesbourg. We accept visits by appointment only. You can contact us to make an appointment at [email protected]. Here is the reservation link for a visit.

The address of our workshop is the following: 695 rue du carbone, Suite 300, Québec,Qc, G2N 2K7.

Is your product made in Quebec?

Yes, our product is handmade in Quebec!

Which vehicle model is the most optimal?

See the list of models available. We have a corresponding kit for each model of van. Since each model has different interior curves and elevations and since we always prioritize ergonomics and upper body comfort, storage space may vary from one vehicle model to another. In addition, some vehicles have a second-row floor-mounted floor mat, while others offer a completely flat floor. You can therefore see the differences in dimensions and images for each model on our online store.

The biggest difference between models is the ‘Stow and Go’ middle row feature. This feature is interesting for camper conversions, as it allows four people to travel at a time. Only the Dodge Grand Caravan and the non-hybrid Chrysler Pacifica offer this convenient feature.

Do I have to remove the seats from the vehicle to use my kit?

Second row of seats:

The space in the second row must be freed up in order to use the kit. If you have the Stow and Go option (benches that go into the floor) you can leave them in the vehicle and store them in the floor when in “camper” mode. They may remain in place at all times with this model.

However, if your second-row bench does not stow away into the floor of your vehicle, you must remove it when you go on a trip. Conveniently, our kit always allows you to free up space in the second row by moving the table and bench section backwards. So those who don’t have the Stow and Go feature and want to maintain passenger functionality outside of their getaways can quickly put the benches back in place while keeping their kit inside their car. Here is a video to learn more about this feature.


Third row of seats:

The space in the third row must also be freed up in order to use the kit. The only vehicles for which this is not a requirement is the Dodge Grand Caravan and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid. However, it will have to be stored in the floor to accommodate the RoadLoft kit. Personally, we’ve chosen to remove the third bench seat of our Grand Caravan to use the extra space to store food, water and a refrigerator.

Which model of vehicle allows 4 people to travel?

Our kit is designed to free up bench space by moving the bench and table section of the kit to the rear of the vehicle when you want to move the seats out of the floor. Only vehicles with the Stow and Go option in the middle row therefore allow you to store the benches in the floor when you want to deploy the kit and use it. Only the Dodge Grand Caravan and the non-hybrid Chrysler Pacifica have the Stow and Go feature in the middle row.

The other vehicle models will allow you to have the passenger-carrying feature outside of your getaways, since our kit allows you to free up the middle row section for seating. Often, the seats have a “clip” system to easily remove and replace the benches.



Is it possible to travel as a family with the RoadLoft kit?

To travel as a family, you must select a vehicle that has the ”Stow and Go” option (seats that fit into the floor) in the middle row. Only the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica (non-hybrid) have this option.

When you’re on the road, you can easily move the bench and table section of the kit to free up space for the seats. When you arrive at your destination, you can stow the seats in seconds and put the kit back in place for use.


For the night, the bed in the Roadloft is large enough to accommodate 2 adults and a young child if needed. Depending on the size of your child, different options are available. You can find inspiration on Pinterest – for exemple, you could place a bed on top of the front seats (hommock or mattress) that occupies the width of the vehicle. Otherwise, there are tents that can connect to your car or you can opt for a roof tent.


Is a kit for one vehicle model compatible with another?

No, each model has unique interior curves that require us to design a kit that is optimized for the best ergonomics and comfort.

Is it possible to try your kit in person?

You can discover the RoadLoft kit at exhibiting dealerships, at events or during a private visit to our manufacturing workshop. Discover the possibilities here.


Can I have a toilet inside my van with my RoadLoft kit?

We have provided enough space at the end of the bed for a camping toilet. All you have to do is move the front benches all the way forward. Multiple toilet models will be compatible with the space available, from the ultra-compact toilet to the more comfortable “cassette” toilet. For the latter, we recommend the Porta-Potti 135 portable toilet or the Dometic 972 or 975. At night, the toilet can be placed at the end of the bed and during the day, when travelling, it can be placed under the table.

Is it too hot in a minivan in the summer / Are there mosquito netting solutions?

There are a number of options available to you in order to be comfortable in a van, even on warm nights.

The first solution is to get air-flow through the windows. You can get air-flow without worrying about mosquitoes with different screen solutions. We don’t currently sell any, but you can find out about different do-it-yourself otpions as well as ways to purchase them on our blog post on the subject. You should know that most of the time, the back windows allow you to have airflow that is pleasant and sufficient. On very hot nights, you will remain comfortable bu opening all of your van’s windows. I also recommend that you read this article on how to cool down your minivan during hot weather. You can also help keep your vehicle cool by using front insulating curtains. They block the sun’s rays and keep your vehicle cooler.

You can also keep your vehicle cool thanks to the insulating front curtains. They help block the sun’s rays and keep your vehicle cooler. This means your vehicle will absorb less heat and be cooler at night to accommodate you.

Finally, some of our customers have also added a small USB fan for added ventilation, although we’ve never had the need for this ourselves. Be sure to choose one that consumes little energy and connect it to an auxiliary battery (do not use the vehicle battery as this will discharge it).

What do you do for showers?

There are several solutions! Discover them on our blog post on this subject.

Can I travel independently with a minivan?

We invite you to read the article: How to adapt your Roadloft to travel independently.

What is the difference between a refrigerator and an electric cooler?

An electric cooler consumes much more energy than a refrigerator and generally only provide a 20°C difference temperature with the outside.

Thus, it is often necessary to refill them with the ice on summer days. Unlike refrigearators, which allow you to set the exact temperature you want. The cooler works continuously, which quickly depletes the battery. A refrigerator, on the other hand, will run for a few minutes every hour, since it is much better insulated and is equipped with a compressor. If it is programmed at 5°C, it will run only when it notices a temperature variation and will stop as soon as the desired temperature is reached.  For example, at an outside temperature of 25°C, the refrigerator will run for as little as 15 minutes per hour, while the cooler will run for the entire hour since it never stops.

For the same auxiliary battery, you will therefore have much more energy autonomy with a refrigerator. We have a convenient model available for sale on our online store at this link.

Prices, dimensions and delivery

Do I need special insurance or registration to convert my minivan into a camper?

The RoadLoft kit offers a non-permanent camper modification of your vehicle, allowing you to save on insurance and registration fees. You won’t have to pay for RV insurance, and you will save a lot! Discover the many advantages here.

What are the dimensions of the kit?

Installed in the vehicle: 83″ L x 47″ d x 11″ h

Stored at home: 47″L x 26″ d x 20.5″ h

Weight: 56 kg

View our product sheets in the online shop. Some kits have different dimensions in order to adapt to the precise unevenness and curves of the different vehicle models, so as to make them totally optimal.

How thick is your mattress?

The comfort of the mattress is determined by its quality and density. Although our mattress is 6 cm thick, it has a density of 27 kg/m³, which places it in the top quality of mattresses – it provides good lumbar support and will remain comfortable over time.


Our design is made to optimize space and to be as ergonomic as possible. The thickness of our mattress is therefore carefully considered. A thicker mattress would take up too much living space and would result in less clearance above your head when sitting on the bench.

How much does a RoadLoft kit cost?

The RoadLoft conversion kit is priced at 4790$+taxes. It includes a high-density mattress, a retractable sink and a cutting board. You can also find other useful items such as solar panels, insulating curtains, lithium batteries and more on our online store. Here is the link to the shop.

How is the kit attached to the vehicle?

Our fastening system is super simple and very sturdy. You can see the handling of the kit in this video.

The Roadloft module is fixed to the vehicle by a system of external pressure on the walls of the vehicle as well as by Velcro tabs for friction. The fixing does not require any modification to be made to your vehicle and no screws or holes to be made. It is very solid. Here is a link to a virtual visit where you can also see the different sections being in motion.

Do I have to pay the full amount when I order?

We ask for a $1500 deposit to secure your reservation and to be added to the order book. The balance on your invoice must be paid when your kit is ready, 24 to 48 hours before the installation or shipping date.

What justifies this price?

The price is largely justified by the quality of the design and the materials selected. We have designed a kit made to last over time and to withstand the vibrations of the road. We have chosen quality materials, made to last over time and to be healthy and environmentally-friendly. In addition to coming from sustainable forest management, our wood is of marine quality and used for sailboat furniture due to its resistance to humidity and its strength/flexibility/lightness ratio. It is protected by an ecological varnish without any volatile organic compound emanation which 100% protects it from humidity. Our kits are made here in Quebec and our finishing requires a lot of work from our team. Discover all our advantages here.

Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing. The full amount must be paid before the day of your delivery/pick-up.


What type of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, Interac, Visa and Mastercard credit cards. The only constraint is that you must use the same payment method when depositing and paying the final balance.

When I choose to pick up at your shop, do you do the installation?

We offer the first installation free of charge and we carefully walk you through every step, although the installation of RoadLoft is very simple. You will also receive a user guide with your purchase.

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