6 Mosquito net solutions for your van

To get more out of your camper, a mosquito net must be installed. From the homemade solution, to the products available in store or online, you’re sure to find the option that best suits your needs.

”Home” Solutions (DIY)

1. Screen for rear windows

In addition to being incognito, this solution is inexpensive and so effective!

This is both economical and more incognito. Personally, this is the option we use because the mosquito net is not visible from outside the car and it allows us to open the rear windows (the ones that open sideways) at night. This is an excellent option if you are boondocking or simply don’t want to install the screen every time.

However, it is a semi-permanent installation, as it requires velcro on a section of the car wall. It is also an option that requires a minimum of sewing skills and works best if your windows are electric.

The screen only requires a piece of velcro to go around the window’s extension arm. The rest is stuck between the rigid wall of the vehicle and rubber.

Obtain mosquito netting at the hardware store, double it to make the holes smaller (and to arm yourself against firebugs). Be sure to bypass the window lever with the velcro so that it can open and close without any problem. You can use a ruler to fix the screen between the window rubber and the wall.

This solution will allow you to have good ventilation every night without having to worry about mosquitoes. You will be able to install your mosquito net at the beginning of the season and remove it only after the fly season is over!

One of our clients Liliane did it herself and shares her steps with you:

2. Mosquito net for the middle windows

Painted black, it will be even more discreet!

It’s as accessible and even easier than the last one.

Just go to a hardware store and buy an eavestrough filter and cut its length slightly! You can paint it black to make it more discreet! You can find this type of filter in hardware stores, like Home Depot for example!

Solutions on the market

There are many mosquito screen solutions on the market, from the “cover” that you slide over the front windows, to the slightly more luxurious option that allows you to keep the windows open even if it rains!

The benefits? You will not have to invest time in the manufacture of your mosquito nets and this solution is totally non-permanent.

On the other hand, you will have to install/uninstall your mosquito nets each time and since your nets are visible from the outside, you will be “less discreet”.

3. Screen for front windows

In the case of covers, the product tested and recommended for the
the front windows of minivans is the same as the wide rear windows of SUVs. Click here to consult the product data sheet.

An interesting addition to the covers are the wind deflectors, they provide ventilation even on a rainy night.

4. Insect screen for middle windows

Much like the principle of a tent, the Roadie fits like a cover on the sliding door and protects against the rain with its small built-in shelter. It will be super appreciated in camping or in the wilderness, where you don’t have to be discreet when camping! Click here to see the product.

5.Mosquito netting in the trunk

There are several models in line, ranging from small shelters to complete tents that can be attached to the trunk.

The ‘‘tail veil’‘ is one that we tested and liked!

6. Indoor mosquito net


Photo credit : Alain Chiasson

This is a mosquito net that you can put inside the vehicle, wedged between the roof and the “wall” of the mini-van. It was a client who gave the idea for the RoadLoft van life group and we found his idea very ingenious and it is a low cost solution. You will be able to leave all the windows open at night without any mosquitoes annoying you!

Finding the right solution for your camping style

In conclusion, there is a solution for everyone. First, identify your type of traveller in order to choose the ideal solution for you!

We hope this will help you in your research.

Good camping season… in the shelter of mosquitoes 😉 !