The importance of a layout that adapts to ALL needs

During a mountain bike trip in Arizona, we noticed on the way back from a ride that a strap on our bike rack was broken. As a result, we could no longer put one of the two bikes on its rack to get around and we were at least 30 km from civilization.

After a long bike ride at over 30 degrees, we could have experienced this event as a misadventure. On the other hand, thanks to the versatility of our kit, this small problem did not cause us any concern.

In fact, in less than 30 seconds, we had moved the bench section of our kit, freed the space facing the sliding doors and placed our bike inside the mini-van. We went to the nearest hardware store and were able to repair our bike rack very quickly.

This little anecdote may seem trivial, however, it does represent the importance of an interior design that adapts to all needs.

Quickly free up space

Whether it is to transport material or passengers, it is important to have a layout that adapts quickly to our needs and that limits the necessary manipulations to a minimum! This allows us to take full advantage of our time.

It is often said that a mini-van is the perfect size for a camper as long as it is well equipped! Discover the essential features of a mini-van in our article on this subject!

Accessibility at all times

On the road, we want storage space to be accessible at all times and handling to be reduced to a minimum. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to stop in front of a beautiful view to cook a good meal and just close the drawers to leave!

Autonomy and independence

This year, we are adapting to the health crisis and the closure of several toilet blocks. We are totally autonomous having added a toilet inside our mini-van! Our kit is designed to put a portable toilet at the end of the bed to be used at night without having to do any handling. During the day, we place it under the table when we travel! To learn more about how we are autonomous, I invite you to read our article on this subject.

One everyday vehicle AND one camper

During the week, we have enough space to carry our grocery bags, passengers or equipment. Even when our passenger seats are out of the floor, we still have plenty of trunk space!

At the time of our escapades, our kit allows us to take full advantage of it by having little handling to carry out.

It is the experience that led us to design a kit that quickly adapts to different needs on the road. Everything is thought out! And our customers often tell us that they discover all the functionalities of the RoadLoft kit by using it!