Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather


We’ve been blessed with good weather this summer. It makes our road trips even more enjoyable. With the heat waves that follow one another, here are some tips to keep your minivan comfortable.

People often ask us if it’s warm at night in our van. Honestly, using these tips, we sleep VERY comfortably. Most of the summer, we don’t even open all of our windows at night because the temperature usually drops below 20 degrees. On hot nights, we open all the windows and get additional ventilation with our small portable fans.

The front insulating curtains

They are, in our opinion, an essential accessory. In the summer, we only travel with our front insulating curtains, since the rear windows of our minivan are tinted and our Roadloft curtains provide privacy while being compact and lightweight.

Heatshields curtains allow us to reflect the sun’s rays and thus prevent heat build-up inside the vehicle. As soon as we park, we install the insulating curtains in the windshield window of our vehicle. This makes a HUGE difference in the temperature inside our van.

Our curtains are therefore used both day and night to keep our vehicle cool. We also like them for the fact that they keep the van cool in the morning, which lets us sleep a bit longer!

When cool nights return, we will also be using our insulating curtains for the back windows to make the season last!

Mosquito nets

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

This is, of course, an essential in Quebec, in order to allow for mosquito-free airflow in a converted minivan. On most summer nights, we only open the small rear windows of our vehicle because the temperature is generally below 20 degrees. However, on hot nights and during the day, the mosquito screens on our other windows are very useful!

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

To learn more about mosquito net options for minivans, we invite you to check out our blog article on the subject!

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

The small usb fan

It’s an addition we only made this year, after 4 years in the van. So it’s definitely possible to do without it. However, we’ve quickly made it a staple! On hot and humid days, the fans allow for better air circulation and brings a refreshing breeze to the space.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a portable fan is its energy consumption and autonomy. Personally, we choose rechargeable or usb fans for more eco-responsible choices.

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

We really like the Mafiti fan, which is rechargeable and can run for up to 24 hours!

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

We also have the OPOLAR mini USB fan which consumes very little power and therefore has a low impact on our power station so that we can continue to travel in complete autonomy (read our article about self-sufficiency in a mini-van)!

Camping in nature

Tips For Ventilating Your Minivan During Hot Weather

It’s always cooler in nature, so during heat waves, you’ll be much more comfortable near a water source or the forest than in the city!

Finally, with these simple tips, you’ll be ready to comfortably face this summer’s heat waves!


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