Why Adopt Van Life

Vanlife is a phenomenon that has spread like wildfire in recent years. Of course, the possibility of installing a removable conversion kit in your everyday vehicle (mini-van) in a few minutes opens wide the doors of accessibility to the Vanlife! But how to define this increasingly popular movement? In the literal sense, it is the fact of living, whether it be short or long term, in a converted vehicle. This is its most basic definition, but the word Vanlife implies so much more!

Like connecting to nature in an indescribable way, letting yourself be guided by your desires and enjoying the trip over the destination. Those moments on the road that will become precious memories. Even if these are not the only ones, here are our top 5 reasons to adopt Vanlife yourself!

The contact with nature

We have always been nature lovers. We love to discover new horizons and let ourselves be transported by majestic landscapes! It allows us to relax and recharge our batteries. Being in such close contact with nature brings several benefits to everyday life. Beneficial effects that are felt as much on the body as the mind… No need to go far to be in nature, whether it’s a picnic in the evening after work or a weekend getaway in your region, you will be able to feel the calming power of mother nature.

Enjoying the connexion to nature with the vanlife


With our converted minivan, we leave as soon as possible. No need to plan, everything is already ready in our home on wheels! We find a boondocking place to spend the night and follow the road as we wish. We are free to stop wherever we want and to take some unexpected detours when someone recommends a must-see a location.

The beauty of Vanlife also lies in the possibility to stop on the side of the road, in front of an incredible view and cook a good meal. With the unobstructed view at the back of the RoadLoft kit, you can even eat it while admiring this spectacle of nature! You will be gone in less than five minutes when you’re done, because the manipulations are reduced to a minimum.

Cooking in nature with Vanlife

The values

As mentioned earlier, Vanlife involves much more than just cruising the roads in your converted vehicle. It’s a way of seeing life that is shared by an entire community: respect of nature, freedom, openness and the desire to discover the world. All values that we share and which have been an integral part of the RoadLoft project from the very beginning.


Vanlife is also about meetings. Meet people, discuss, share itineraries, planning tips or even the most beautiful sleeping spots. With RoadLoft, we realized the strong bond that unites travelers on the road. Our daily life is tinged with unique encounters!

Vanlife community

Comfort and simplicity

Obviously, comfort is an important aspect of the Vanlife. Being sheltered from the rain and warm in your vehicle or knowing that you will sleep in your own bed at the end of a day of exploration are undeniable advantages. Another advantage of a converted vehicle is that you can enjoy the camping season for longer. From May to October, you can get away in nature every weekend. The simplicity of setting up to spend the night on a campsite or incognito just about anywhere (always respectfully), are aspects that you will greatly appreciate.

End of the day in the minivan

Dit you get “the bug” reading this article? There are many ways to experience the Vanlife, but we are convinced that the mini-van is the best way, combining freedom, comfort and considerable savings! We recommend our blog post which presents the advantages of a minivan for road trips.

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